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Sneezefic Fest 2011

Have you heard? There's a Sneezefic Fest going on over on the SF Yahoo Group:

We've already had one entry (all right, it's mine, LOL)

The idea is to take the three prompt words and write a short ficlet or drabble (100 words is fine!) and post it. When you post, you'll be allowed to suggest three more prompt words at the bottom of your post. So we'll have an exponentially growing amounts of sets of prompt words and (I hope) lots of sneezefics to enjoy. If you're not a writer, go and read and comment... and spread the word!

The ficlet I posted was my second attempt at a Merlin fic and I think I already have something in mind for the second set of prompt words. So head on over and check it out. Join the fun! :-) You can't suggest prompts unless you write something (doesn't have to be long or brilliant or betaread).